100 Italian Robotics & Automation Stories: BionIT Labs in the spotlight

Last February, Enel and Symbola foundation presented the 4th National Report focusing on the 100 Italian robotics and automation stories which have excelled for the innovative character of the products developed.

BionIT Labs, example of Made in Italy excellence

Among the Italian excellences identified by the study presented by Enel and Symbola foundation, we had the chance to tell more about our experience.

Our work, described in the pages of the report, has been recognized as part of the main projects responsible for the impulse of growth, in order to promote Italy as an high-tech Country in robotics and automation at international level.

Extract from the report dedicated to BionIT Labs

Our device represented, in accordance with the statements of Enel CEO, Francesco Starace, and the President of Symbola Foundation, Ermete Realacci, an excellent Italian technological example, and, reminding Adam’s Hand image outstretching towards God’s in the Sistine Chapel, the report underlines the adaptivity of the device, the presence of sensors and our use of 3D printing, praising it for the creative idea and the reduced cost.

In the report our company represents South Italy, contributing with other companies, research entities and academia in the promotion of technological and innovative development of our Country, and describing a competitive all-Italian stage.

What is the “Made in Italy Innovation Report”?

The study of Enel and Symbola foundation was presented last February in Rome, during an event which saw the involvement of a variety of well-known experts in the field.

It has the aim to describe the state of art of robotics and automation in Italy, in order to communicate how the enhancement of these sectors may turn into efficient results for Italian companies.

The idea to gather 100 of the thousands of projects in this sector is a great challenge, but it’s also an occasion to create a system of companies, research entities, universities and third sector organizations, describing how the technological potentiality of our Country looks to the future ahead and how Italy intends to make the best possible use of expertises it has.

Robotics and automation in Italy and in the world

Although it is not commonly known, it’s important to note that robotics in Italy is already contributing to the food, fashion, furniture and mechanical engineering production chains.

The CENSIS 2019 report indicates that in Italy there are 200 robots per every 10.000 employees.

Italy is 2nd in Europe for the sale of robots, mostly in the manufacturing sector, and it ranks 6th global position for the amount of robots installed (69.142 units in 2018), following China, Japan, South Korea, USA and Germany.

It was also found that in 2019 the number of Italian companies which deal with robotics and automation increased by 10% in the last 5 years, becoming 104.000 today and counting 429.000 workers.

Figures speak about an high-tech Italy, which aims to grow through the research and the innovation.

The common denominator is the improvement of people’s quality of life and for this reason Enel and Symbola report focuses on medical devices, logistic supports, edutainment and automotive, space and environment technologies.

If in our childhood we used to think that R2D2 aerospace’s maintenance in Star Wars was just the result of our imagination, probably it won’t be long before an Italian company invents an aerospace repair device that is also friendly and with a good sense of humor!

About other stories

The stories contained in the dossier range from automation to logistics, from health to aerospace, looking at an all-Italian world that the less experienced had certainly never heard of.

Leonardo’s ProSPEED perforator 

International industry champion, Leonardo is a world-renowned multinational company in aerospace, defense and security. He will soon be on Mars with the ExoMars mission to detect samples of the red planet through a perforator tested by this company from Rome.

Trivella sulla Luna, agreement signature in Nerviano between Leonardo and Esa (photo Roberto Garavaglia)

Goliath CNC of Springa, spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Turin

Springa created a numerically controlled machine capable of cutting and milling without limits using a portable robot weighing about 15 kg. Until now, desktop milling machines allowed only small parts to be cut, requiring industrial machines for large dimensions.

photo kickstarter.com

Hunova of Movendo Technology, the physiotherapist’s assistant

Using sensors, the robot developed by Movendo Technology, helps patients during orthopaedic, neurological, geriatric and sport rehabilitation. A system of interactive games allows the user to monitor the improvements, while the physiotherapist receives information about the patient’s recovery.

TR1 of Tactile Robots

Riccardo Tornese, founder of Tactile Robots from Salento, have created a trolley-container able to carry out deliveries avoiding possible obstacles and collisions. Compact and suitable even for narrow spaces, the device was presented with Adam’s Hand at CES2019 (discover more about BionIT Labs at CES2020), being among the projects of the 50 best Italian startups selected.

photo techprincess.it

To discover the other Italian excellences in robotics and automation click here and download the Enel and Symbola report.

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