5° birthday of BionIT Labs: celebrating with the inauguration of the new headquarters

There is always a lot of enthusiasm in BionIT Labs, but these days we are even happier for the celebrations of the 5° birthday of BionIT Labs®.

The event, which took place on February 24, saw us totally dedicated to suppliers, orthopedic technicians, distributors and patients, who interact with our company over the past few years.

The last few days have seen us in turmoil, because we have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

When the headquarters in via Cracovia in Soleto became our home it was 2020, a period too complex to be able to celebrate this great milestone worthily.

For this reason, a few years later, we decided to celebrate, adding this time the expansion of our headquarters, which will host the new production.

But let’s go in order.

The event programme

It begins with the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the morning in the presence of institutions such as the Mayor of the Municipality of Soleto Graziano Vantaggiato, the president of the province Stefano Minerva, and a representation of the ASI Consortium (Industrial Development Area), owner of the property in which the company is located.

The morning was dedicated to the presentation of company programs and then there were matchmaking activities, during which the team met with investors, orthopedic technicians, distributors, suppliers and patients.

The most interactive part of the day was dedicated to the SHAP test, a clinical validation test of the functioning of the hand, which saw Salvatore, Michele, Vincenzo and Cristian, the patients with their Adam’s Hand®, engaged in a contest for complete the tasks of the path in the shortest possible time.

The presentation in the evening

In the evening, however, at the Congress Center of the Hotel Hermitage, in Galatina, we talked about the evolution of BionIT Labs®: past, present and future. From the history of people faces, the difficulties and the satisfactions of the path taken so far, to conclude with the ambitions of what we dream of being in the future.

After the patients’ testimonials and Adam’s Hand® in action, the evening ended with the speech of prof. Alessandro Sannino, Unisalento teacher and founder of Gelesis, the company based in Boston, which developed Gelesis100, an innovative product for weight loss, testimony of how an intuition can be transformed into a successful company.

Thanks to this event, we involved all the external partners with whom the company constantly interacts in the BionIT Labs® value chain, stimulating suppliers, orthopedic technicians, distributors and patients to work together towards a common goal, which leads to success of everyone’s work.

BionIT Labs: past, present, future

Our project stems from the need to completely change the way we look at disability. However, doing so was not easy at all. The innovative, but at the same time complex idea of developing a bionic upper limb prosthesis requires a series of essential elements, which inevitably need the contribution of the whole team.

You need a motivated group that develops and shares the same vision, together with important partners who guide the business development.

However, what certainly must not be missing is the dream, the one that drives us to overcome every difficulty: in our case, the creation of a device that can truly change the quality of life of the people who need it.

2022 was an exceptional year for us: in addition to the results achieved in terms of team growth, product development, intellectual property protection and commercial demos made throughout Europe, Adam’s Hand® was launched on the European market through the first official distributor, Uniprox, which will handle the distribution of the device in the DACH area.

Gear after gear (it is appropriate to say it) we have built competitive medical devices for the international market, at the same time giving life to a small family that works daily with commitment and perseverance to give concrete shape to that dream.

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