Our Team

BionIT Labs is a Medtech Italian company working in the field of Human-Machine Integration and it applies IT to Bionics with the aim of ‘Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities’.

Mission & Vision

Nowadays, people with disabilities are continually forced to adapt to an environment that has not been designed considering their needs, but rather following the wishes of the majority of the
“able-bodied” population.

The interfaces that allow a person with motor, visual, auditory or other impairments to interact immediately and effectively with the environment and other individuals are generally few and inadequate.

It’s therefore our responsibility to breathe life into Innovative Technologies that can concretely improve people’s quality of life, thus creating a more accessible and equitable world.

Giovanni Zappatore – CEO & Founder @ BionIT Labs®

Our values

We strongly believe that a great idea in the hands of a highly competent and motivated Team is the only key to actually bring meaningful changes in the prosthetic industry.

To reach our goals, in BionIT Labs we merge a solid technological and scientific knowledge with unique human values.
Take a journey through our beliefs:


Integrity is our main road. We act to ensure trust and clearness to all our stakeholders, building a comfortable and meaningful collaborative experience.

Continuous improvement

The team's will to continuously improve is the engine behind our growth. The company driving force arises from employees’ hunger of improving personal and professional skills.


Creativity is our fuel. The strive to exceed the status quo, without any fear of failure, allows us to create, experiment, take risks and enjoy the ‘everyday new’ journey.


Innovation is our destination, the horizon we look at. This is not the end of our journey, but an ongoing challenge: every single step we make contributes to the improvement of the value we want to bring to society.

The team

When the CEO & Founder Giovanni Zappatore wrote his graduation thesis on the mechanism behind Adam's Hand, he never imagined he would bring up a reality like BionIT Labs so quickly.

He turned his studies into a company, involving his co-founders Matteo Aventaggiato, biomedical engineer, and Federico Gaetani, information engineer, and they started developing a concrete solution to problems and limits of existent upper-limb prosthesis.

Today BionIT Labs is composed by a team of highly committed and competent professionals. We are mechanical, electronic, biomedical and IT engineers, product and graphic designers, finance, sales & marketing experts, supported by international business advisors, key opinion leaders and many experienced partners.


If you are:

– passionate and dynamic
– determined and ambitious
– flexible and curious
– able to efficiently work both in a team and independently

If you know how to use a BBQ and you can also accept with dignity a defeat at the corporate ping pong competition, this is the place for you!

We offer:

– countless growth opportunities both on a professional and personal level
– a friendly and stimulating work environment, with laboratories and offices equipped with the latest machinery
– common spaces and relax areas, including a company library for the team’s continuous training
– flexible working arrangements
– clear governance and compliance with the regulatory framework.

Our interns

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