Adam’s Hand control via MyoLogic app: the new BionIT Labs user’s interface

MyoLogic is an intuitive and complete app that allows the users to calibrate Adam’s Hand in a few seconds, to train them for the use of the device, and to consult relevant information about the device, such as quick start guides and manuals of the Adam’s Hand and its accessories.


What is MyoLogic app?

MyoLogic is one of the latest results of our Research&Development activities: an app designed to meet the main needs of our end users, centralizing the control of Adam’s Hand and its accessories in an extremely intuitive interface, and thus giving life to a increasingly competitive technology, engineered to become the bar-raiser of the prosthetic market.

We have already told you about the Adam’s Hand algorithm, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that allows the app to carry out an automatic calibration procedure lasting a few seconds.

There is more! We introduced MyoLogic Pro, the app for the exclusive use of orthopedic technicians, thanks to which they can configure the prostheses, associate them with their patients and manage their functionality and diagnostics.

MyoLogic and MyoLogic Pro are just two components of a bigger software platform, through which users and orthopedic technicians will be able to interact and send us feedback about Adam’s Hand functioning, so that we’ll constantly improve the App user-experience.

What are the features of MyoLogic app?

Thanks to the proprietary Artificial Intelligence system integrated into the Adam’s Hand, the MyoLogic app allows the user to perform many functions:

  • the device calibration in seconds
  • virtual prosthesis viewable for training in complete autonomy, even without having Adam’s Han available
  • detailed settings of the prosthesis and accessories’ operations
  • access to manuals and quick start guides of Adam’s Hand and its accessories.

MyoLogic app was designed with the aim of making every aspect of the prosthesis extremely easy to use from the user’s smartphone, and it’s divided into the following sections: Dashboard, Devices, Settings and Manuals.

Let’s find out how the MyoLogic app works!

Pairing the prosthesis with MyoLogic app

After downloading and installing the app, users have to create their own profile by clicking on “Sign up” and entering personal information.

They will receive an email to the address indicated before, and they have to confirm the registration.

At this point users can log in.

In order to connect the prosthesis, they have to click on the “Devices” section at the bottom of the main screen, and connect the Adam’s Hand to their smartphone, by scanning the unique QRCode that is provided with the device. Alternatively, they can also insert the code manually.

For the device’s connection, the users have to turn it on and activate the Bluetooth by double clicking on the button on the Adam’s Hand and placing it near the smartphone.

During the pairing, it’s important to turn on the prosthesis and keep it close to the smartphone. Once done, it’s possible to give a name to the device.

Dashboard – hand functioning

The users are now in the “Dashboard” of MyoLogic app. In this section, it’s possible to quickly check the status of all the prosthesis’ components, and also to modify them to suit users’ needs.

For example, it’s possible to change the operating mode of the Hand, selecting Boost mode, which provides the users with higher grip force and lower battery life, or Eco mode, with higher battery life and lower grip force, or on Normal mode, which balances grip force and battery life.

Dashboard – calibration procedure

MyoLogic can also perform the calibration procedure: it guides the users through three main phases, during which they have to replicate the movement played on the screen.

During the first phase, our software asks the users to rest. 

During the second phase it asks them to perform muscle flexion, and lastly to perform muscle extension.

The calibration procedure is then completed, and the users can give it a name.

Now it’s possible to test its results through a virtual prosthesis shown on the test screen. 

The Adam’s Hand is now ready to be used.

Dashboard – check information about prosthesis’ components

By clicking on the ThunderCell Battery, it’s possible to consult the main info on the device, such as the serial number, the battery health status, the firmware version, and the cells’ temperature

It’s also allowed to remotely update the device firmware, without sending it back to our manufacturing plant, and set its functioning in every detail, turning on or off the haptic, acoustic, or visual feedback.

The users can also obtain the same info about the Adam’s Hand and update its firmware remotely.

Last but not least, it’s possible to check the EMG sensors’ signals to ensure everything is working properly.

Devices – the other sections of MyoLogic app

In the “Devices” section of the MyoLogic app the users can add new devices, change the device name, disconnect the app from the prosthesis, or delete it completely.

In the “Setting” section users can manage all the app settings, such as profile data and language, enabling also the two-factor authentication or turning on or off notifications.

Finally, in the “Manuals” section users can view and download the manuals of our devices, in order to have all information easily accessible.

The new interface of MyoLogic app

We have enhanced the interface of our MyoLogic app to give the user new tools, which make him more autonomous, helping to improve the quality of his life. With the same goal we have implemented a range of innovative features for MyoLogic app and for all BionIT Labs products.

Thanks to MyoLogic app‘s functionalities, the Adam’s Hand perfectly supports users in all the main activities of daily life, providing them with the confidence they need to express their full potential.

But the news is not over! We will be back soon to tell you about useful and fun features that we are implementing on our app, which will soon be available on the Apple Store and Play Store.

Keep following us!

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