OTWorld22: Adam’s Hand at the world’s biggest fair about prosthetics

For the first time in person we presented Adam’s Hand at OTWorld22, the world’s biggest fair about prosthetics held every 2 years in Leipzig. What is OTWorld22 For the occasion, the largest manufacturers, distributors and orthopedic clinics participate with their products in the event that represents a great opportunity to meet highly targeted potential customers. […]

April 2022: Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

From April 1st to 30th the Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month is celebrated, dedicated to highlight the needs and opportunities of those who live their daily life facing interfaces that don’t respond to their needs. This opportunity, thanks to the involvement of professional associations daily committed to bridge inequalities, with the aim to […]

Adam’s Hand control via MyoLogic app: the new BionIT Labs user’s interface

MyoLogic is an intuitive and complete app that allows the users to calibrate Adam’s Hand in a few seconds, to train them for the use of the device, and to consult relevant information about the device, such as quick start guides and manuals of the Adam’s Hand and its accessories. VIDEO What is MyoLogic app? […]

Introducing EB02: the new generation of ThunderCell Battery

The ThunderCell Battery EB02 is the new generation of Adam’s Hand power system, a smart and waterproof battery with a 950 mAh charge. We would have liked to participate in CES 2022, the largest event in the world dedicated to consumer electronics, and on that occasion presenting the result of one of our projects: the […]