BionIT Labs® Academy is born! ”Becoming a Professional during training is possible”

Work and education: a winning connection between University and Business In our opinion, debating on corporate training and the connection between Universities and the world of work is always of great relevance and it needs an in-depth study.  We’ve already talked about the importance of combining business and training and about how, from the very […]

As strong as precise: the proportional control of Adam’s Hand®

Proportional control, intended as a method of controlling the movement of a prosthetic hand with direct myoelectric control, consists in providing the user with the possibility of directly managing the speed and the closing / opening force of the prosthetic hand, modulating the strength of the prosthetic hand muscle contractions exerted to perform a given […]

OTWorld22: Adam’s Hand® at the world’s biggest fair about prosthetics

For the first time in person we presented Adam’s Hand® at OTWorld22, the world’s biggest fair about prosthetics held every 2 years in Leipzig. What is OTWorld22 For the occasion, the largest manufacturers, distributors and orthopedic clinics participate with their products in the event that represents a great opportunity to meet highly targeted potential customers. […]