Four years of BionIT Labs: what we have learned

On the occasion of the fourth birthday of BionIT Labs®, it is a great pleasure for me to share what our team has learned on their skin in these few years, hoping that our story will help those who fight every day to carry on their vision. A company can be considered a “living being” […]

BionIT Labs in the world: our acceleration programme in Israel

This article aimed at telling briefly about my 3-months experience in Eilat, Israel, to take part in an acceleration programme together with 6 other Italian startups, from January to March 2020. It was an exceptional opportunity for growth that allowed BionIT Labs® to come into contact with one of the most advanced innovation ecosystems in […]

Happy 2nd Birthday BionIT Labs!

Today we turn two years old: we want to stop just a moment and tell you more about the enthusiasm, the thirst for innovation, the commitment and the results that lead us to be what we are today. Start-up life and the concept of time One of the probably most distinctive aspects of a life […]

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