Year of challenges and great results: the BionIT Labs’ 2020 Roadmap!

Despite its difficulties, 2020 has been an incredible year for our company. For this reason we want to close it with a recap of the experiences we have lived, the challanges faced and the objectives achieved, a complete BionIT Labs®’ 2020 Roadmap.

Over the last year we have obtained many extraordinary results, in contrast with the substantial difficulties that several startups and SMEs are facing due to the problems caused by Covid-19.

Despite the pandemic, in fact, for BionIT Labs® it was the year of growth, change and launch, the year of the most important results so far achieved.

January 2020: CES in Las Vegas and the acceleration programme in Israel

We opened 2020 with an international experience at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, selected as one of the 50 Italian startups qualified to take part in the event.

In the meantime, our adventure at the Eilat Tech Centre began, where participate to a 3-month acceleration programme, an exceptional growth journey, which allowed BionIT Labs® to learn more about one of the most advanced innovation ecosystems in the world, with a view to ongoing improvement and extension of our horizons.

February 2020: the new blog is online, the SESAwards victory and one of the Success Story for Toyota

With the new year we launched the BionIT Labs®’ blog, a travel companion which helps us to tell more about our experiences, tracing the stages of the the journey of the last year, and through which we tried to share every news, every stories of our stakeholders, the technologies we have developed and all our commitment to enhance the performance of Adam’s Hand® and its accessories.

During the same month, we were chosen by Toyota among the 7 success stories of “The Unbreakable”, the campaign that would accompany the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, and thanks to which we had the chance to have a return in terms of visibility through media.

We also won the prize of the regional phase of the South Europe Startup Award (SESA) in the “Best Social Impact Startup” category, after the jury and the public vote, and triumphing over the other startups from France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal.

The SESAwards is part of an international contest, the Global Startup Awards, which occurs every two years. The initiative aims to focus the spotlight on innovative startup’ ideas, which base their work on services or production of technology and software. This award allows us today to take part in the world’s largest international startup contest – the vote is open until January 21 – and for which we need all your support! Vote for us!

April 2020: the end of U.Mano – la mostra at Fondazione Golinelli

In April we closed our experience at U.Mano – la mostra, which started at the end of 2019. The exhibition of Fondazione Golinelli, which staged a mix of innovation and art, was created thanks to the installations of ancient masterpieces, integrated with innovative and technological devices, such as Adam’s Hand®.

May 2020: the new BionIT Labs® headquarters!

May was the month of great changes.

The national limitations due to pandemic became less restrictive, and we could meet the team again. So we completed the relocation and moved to the new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters in Soleto. One of the most gratifying results for our team, which repays the efforts made in recent years and it’s another important fact that reassured us that we are on the right track.

September 2020: two new patents for BionIT Labs®

This year a large part of our energy has been channeled on Research & Development activities, as we have tried to give our devices competitive features, aiming above all to protect our team’s intellectual property.

The result was two new patent applications, aimed at maintaining a technological gap with competitors.

October 2020: Adam’s Hand® and accessories’ official launch

In October, we carried out the moment we worked for from the beginning of the project: the official launch of Adam’s Hand® and its new accessories.

Although it was postponed from April to October and held completely online, the long-awaited OTWorld 2020, the most important prosthetic fair in the world, allowed us to present the new version of Adam’s Hand® and its new accessories, as well as to enter into negotiations with several international contacts interested in the distribution of BionIT Labs®’ products abroad.

November 2020: Seal of Excellence for Adam’s Hand®

In November we received the Seal of Excellence  by the European Commission for the EIC Acceleration Pilot Programme under Horizon 2020 programme, with which our project was rated as highly innovative and recommended of fundings for its Impact, Excellence and Implementation.

December 2020: CE marking for our devices and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications

Such a great way to close this year!

At the end of the certified laboratory tests, Adam’s Hand®, ThunderCell Battery® and Wave Electrodes obtained the CE marking and are ready to be launched on the European market!

There is more! BionIT Labs® has also obtained the prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications, which demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the company management system and the production of medical devices, in compliance with the requirements of the accredited certification body.

With the results of this last year we want to share an important message: our constant work, aimed at an increasingly ambitious growth, allows us to improve every day and achieve evident results like these.

Our team, composed by 20 professionals now, is ready to face a new year with the determination that has distinguished us from the beginning of the project. As always, there are many ideas and projects we are already working on. In fact, we will soon reveal the last great result of this year. 

For this reason, keep following us on our social channels and our website to stay updated on our projects!

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