BionIT Labs is a finalist of the Global Startup Awards 2020!

There are still a few days left to vote for BionIT Labs in the Global Startup Awards, the world’s largest international startup contest. The final awarding event will be held live on January 27th and the online participation is open to all!

During BionIT Labs ’ growth, contests have always been a good opportunity for promotion, a way to deal with other realities, involved, like us, in the development of technologies and innovation.

We have always taken these opportunities and for this reason we are truly proud to take part in a world event of this level.

The European stage of the South Europe Startup Awards

About a year ago we won the South Europe Startup Awards in the “Best social impact” category, distinguishing ourselves among startups from France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal.

Although coronavirus didn’t allow the SESA regional award ceremony to be held, scheduled for February in Turin, the event’s management organized a grand finale of digital awards to decree the winners.

Public and qualified jury’s vote allowed us to continue our international experience in the contest, aspiring today to the Global Startup Awards. 

The idea of dealing with the international panorama of innovation and business makes us grateful, and we feel that it can represent another opportunity for growth. With innovation and a clear vision we are confident that we can shape our future and the future of the society where we live. In fact it’s thanks to technology, considered as a tool, that it is possible to contribute in creating a fairer world. How does the contest work?

A step back: the contest stages

The entire program, which starts from the national phase and will end with the Global Startup Award, is divided into 4 different phases. So far, the first three phases took place:

  • In a first phase we were chosen among the 3 Italian startups finalists in the “Best Social Impact Startup” Category.
  • In the second phase, the jury’s vote joined the online vote, declaring us absolute winners of the national phase. The winning startups in Spain, Malta, Greece, France, Cyprus and Portugal were decreed in the same way.
  • In the third phase, the regional one, we “challenged” these other Countries, according to the same methods of public and jury voting, and we won as Best Social Impact startup, ready for the Global Startup Awards.
  • We are now taking part in the global “People’s Choice – Startup” category, which will end on January 27th with the Global Grand Finale, where the world winners of the categories will be announced.

The days dedicated to the Global Startup Awards

The candidates have already taken part in the European phase of their respective regions, winning the contests of the Nordic Startup Awards, Central European Startup Awards, South European Startup Awards, EuroAsian Startup Awards, Southeast Asia (ASEAN) Startup Awards and Southern Africa Startup Awards.

Setting new categories, jury and public will choose the winners of the regional phase, selecting the winner for each category of the Global Startup Awards.

The qualified jury has already voted “its” winner on January 10th, while the puvlic vote is still in progress – VOTE HERE! You can vote online until January 21st. After that, the event will take place over three days, on January 27th, 28th, 29th.

The Grand Finale of January 27, 2021

The Online Award Show will be broadcast with a public online event! Anyone can participate in this great event, very important for the ecosystem of companies and startups, and particularly useful for the creation of new connections and synergies with innovation and development experts.

On January 27th morning (10.00 am – 12.00 pm) finalists, investors, partners, members of the jury and ambassadors will be involved in the VR Ecosystem Summit, a meeting on VirBELA, an immersive virtual platform. These will have the opportunity to interact with each other to exchange opinions, advice and, why not, seizing business opportunities!

While in the afternoon, at 1.30 pm the absolute winners of the Global Startup Awards 2020 will be announced!

Vote BionIT Labs at the Global Startup Awards 2020!

Now we can’t wait to know who are the winners! We are very proud to represent our Country in a contest absolutely important for the startup ecosystem. There is more! We believe that this moment is an important opportunity to bring the spotlight on our project and on the social impact that Adam’s Hand can bring for the improvement of quality of life of upper limb amputees!

VOTE FOR US NOW and support us to achieve this big result! Don’t forget to SHARE THE LINK with all your friends!

To find out more about our project, Adam’s Hand and its accessories, visit the WEBSITE, and if you have any questions or curiosities CONTACT US!

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