BionIT Labs takes the stage at OTWorld 2024 with Adam’s Hand!

We’re thrilled to be back at OTWorld, the world’s largest prosthetics trade fair! This biennial event in Leipzig is a must-attend for everyone in our industry. OTWorld is not just a showcase for the latest advancements in prosthetics, but also a hub for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discover new technologies, and build valuable collaborations.

Here we are at our booth, smiling and enthusiastic, with our ambassadors and friends Philipp Barluschke and Salvatore De Cillis, on the first day of the fair!

So much has changed since the last time!

Let’s take a step back. This is our third time at the Leipzig fair. In the meantime, many things have changed: our team has grown, our products have improved significantly, and we have introduced many new features.

It was 2020 when we presented the AH01 version of Adam’s Hand at OTWorld2020 with our first workshop, involving over 350 people from 15 different countries. The event was held online because of Covid-19 and was titled “Introducing Adam’s Hand: The World’s First Fully Adaptive Bionic Hand.”

Then came OTWorld2022, the first opportunity to present Adam’s Hand in person, and we began to increasingly expand our network. We quickly realized that Adam’s Hand would revolutionize the upper limb prosthetics market.

And what about today?

Adam’s Hand Training: Our Workshops at #OTWorld2024

Over the past few years, we have tested, optimized, and worked a lot to achieve our ambitious goals. We’ve entered European and US markets, secured significant commercial agreements, and received numerous awards and recognitions in our field.

We’ve met many users who now live their lives at their full potential with Adam’s Hand – without any doubt, our greatest satisfaction.

This is why we were eager to welcome professionals from around the world to our two workshops this year: ‘’Adam’s Hand Training’’.

The workshops aimed to certify participants, professionals from the prosthetics sector worldwide, in the use of Adam’s Hand.

We organized everything in three steps:

  1. Theoretical Workshop on May 15: a theoretical presentation of our products and technology.
  2. Practical Workshop on May 16: a hands-on demonstration where participants could experience Adam’s Hand and its accessories firsthand, thanks to the help of our friends and ambassadors, Salvatore and Philipp.
  3. Meet the Team: a final meet-and-greet at our booth where participants reviewed all the main features of the device, tried autonomously some maintenance on Adam’s Hand and received their certificates.

New Horizons to Your Full Potential: New Accessories for Adam’s Hand!

Over the years, we’ve not only enhanced our technology, making it more effective and improving its features and design, but we’ve also expanded our product range. What better occasion than this to present our new products to the broader O&P audience?

Here are the four new accessories designed to meet the specific needs of individuals with limb differences. They offer unparalleled comfort, design, and functionality for users of myoelectric prostheses like Adam’s Hand.

Learn more on our website or contact us for more information!

The Booth, Happy Hours, Gadgets, and Many Friends, Old and New!

Experience has taught us that attending OTWorld involves a lot of work – but also a lot of fun. We always bring our good vibes to our work, but here, between the first day’s ‘La Fête de l’OTWorld’ and our 5 PM Happy Hours, we reached new levels.

We are thrilled by the extraordinary interest in our technology: professionals, clinicians, patients, and entrepreneurs. It was a pleasure meeting so many exceptional people!

We also distributed our gadgets, including a keychain linked to our Spotify channel where we created a special playlist for all our “handy” friends! Discover it yourself, follow us, and don’t miss our next updates.

It’s quite challenging to summarize in a few lines all that this experience has meant for us. We are certain that it will open up many new opportunities, collaborations, and adventures.

Are you a clinician or a distributor? Join our #BionicRevolution!

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