Discover our end-users’ stories who are choosing to live a new life at full potential with Adam’s Hand.


“My perfect prosthesis should have ‘’all at once’’. I quickly realized the benefit of the Adam’s Hand because it’s great for daily tasks.”


Adam’s Hand allows me to carry out the activities of daily life naturally and I know I can count on a technology that responds immediately to my needs.”


“After long research I can say that I have found the hand of my dreams in Adam’s hand, because it increases my abilities and helps me with my physiological problems, while maintaining extreme ease of use.”


“I can’t describe the first time I tried the Adam’s Hand: being able to move my hand after 15 years was something magic.”


“Due to the complications after my accident, fitting and controlling a prosthesis is very difficult for me. After a year of testing with the BionIT Labs team, Adam’s Hand is the only prosthesis that I can use despite the severe pain.”

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