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You will find here news, details, stories about innovation, technology robotics and people. Teamwork, our commitment and the capabilities built with studies and fieldwork are our strength. Thanks to all this we have grown day by day, achieving increasingly significant results. With Adam’s Hand, the first device we are developing in our laboratories, we combine bionics with IT, pursuing the aim of “Turning disabilities into new possibilities”.

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One year after BionIT Labs’ equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd

Innovative ideas and a team able to carry out their execution are the starting point for a startup to define …

University and company: a bridge between research and development of new technologies

The world of work and job placement start from education. If the engineers didn’t study, nobody would be able to …

3D Computer Graphics: how to create and animate a new idea

If you ask an audience: “when was 3D Computer Graphics born?”, almost certainly everyone would trace the origins of this …

Shaping the team: the new organizational chart of BionIT Labs

A brilliant idea doesn’t necessarily mean success and money. It would be great if a simple inspiration were enough to …

Prosthesis and daily life: the importance of a functional assessment

The activities of daily life (ADL) are the actions that an adult performs independently during the daily life, without necessarily …

BionIT Labs in the world: our acceleration programme in Israel

This article aimed at telling briefly about my 3-months experience in Eilat, Israel, to take part in an acceleration programme …