3D Computer Graphics: how to create and animate a new idea

If you ask an audience: “when was 3D Computer Graphics born?”, almost certainly everyone would trace the origins of this IT discipline to no more than 20 years ago. To find it out, first let’s try to explain what it is. In order to give a rather broad definition of Computer Graphics, we would say […]

Prosthesis and daily life: the importance of a functional assessment

The activities of daily life (ADL) are the actions that an adult performs independently during the daily life, without necessarily requiring assistance. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, wearing a sweater or making your own lunch are all considered activities of daily life and the inability to carry them out by yourself significantly affects the […]

EMG: the signal that gives you an hand!

Even for non-professionals, the trend of an electrocardiographic (ECG) trace is not a big news. We all know very well that the heart, by contracting, generates an electrical signal which, taken through appropriate electrodes and devices, is represented with the classic wave pattern recognizable by the Q-R-S complex. How does EMG signal work? The electromyographic […]

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