CES 2020: Adam’s Hand at the world’s biggest tech show between Italian and international innovations

On January 7th to 10th, 2020 our start-up presented Adam’s Hand at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) during the world’s biggest fair of tech inventions in Las Vegas.

Also this year we took part in the event which presents every time several products “of the future”, as one of the best 50 Italian startups selected by the “Made in Italy – The Art of Technology”.

The tech world likes our project and many newspapers and tech bloggers described the features of Adam’s Hand in their articles.

This was a really important event for us, because we displayed for the first time the new graphic interface of Adam’s Hand algorithm, along with the I-pad version of the software reserved for orthopaedic clinics.

This exciting experience allow us to gather several feedbacks. During these 4 days in Las Vegas we met potential clients, investors and possible providers, as well as companies interested in a detailed study about the technology we developed, in order to include it in their products.

The interaction with other exhibitors is still now a great incentive and it enlarges new horizons towards a world where everything is innovation.

We had also the pleasure to meet the Italian Minister of Technological Innovation Paola Pisano, who showed her interest in the functionalities of our device, and then said goodbye with a “shake of hand”.

Every year there are hundreds of new trends and new devices, which have been launched on the occasion of the international show. It is an important showcase for tech lovers, and many of this projects will be surely much talked about this year.

The Made in Italy start-ups at CES 2020

Serranova – the high-tech greenhouse

This year the CES launched several solutions to address the challenges of environmental sustainability. Here we should mention the Italian Serranova, a green startup which invented a high-tech vertical greenhouse.

Using photoluminescence, plants grow 3 times faster. The device includes an air purification system and there is a fungus inside, which protects plants against bacteria and other harmful organisms.


Wahu – the adaptive sole

It is a sole suited to the morphology of the land. It works with rain and snow and any kind of land by mean of the developed algorithm.

The device is based on an electronic board and sensors which gathered data. The algorithm estimates the best conditions and move them to the micro-compressors located inside the device. As a result they change the sole’s structure.


Smart Robots – the robotic eye

Lauched by e-Novia, Smart Robots has been awarded for the category “Robotics”, thanks to a robotic eye, which acts as a support for the worker in the industrial production.

The smart device recognizes the operations to be conducted, and gives an error signals. It helps to speed up the productive process as an excellent digital assistant for the Smart Factory.


The top stars of international innovation

Sony Vision-S

The CES was the stage for the launch of those most anticipated products proposed by the major brands. The main example is Sony which showed off his prototype of electric car. Probably you may be wondering why Sony works with products of this kind.

Well, you will be astonished by the features of this new products. It is a smart car, which merge entertainment and power. Its numbers are shocking: 33 sensors, it takes 3,4 seconds to move from 0 to 100 km/h. It is an autonomous car, which notices objects and people, providing a precise mapping of the surrounding area.


Lenovo Yoga 5G

Lenovo Yoga makes 5G a reality. The Chinese Multinational corporation launched a 2-in-1 laptop with a folding screen, which transform the pc into a tablet. As the company said, Lenovo is the world’s first notebook able to support 5G.


In conclusion, at the CES future is now!

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