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Adam's Hand

A prosthetic hand with highly anthropromorphic feautures

which shows enhanced biomimetic performance and human-like grasping behavior. These features, coupled with the high ease of use linked to the fully-adaptive grip technology we’ve developed, is able to perfectly support the users in all the main activities of daily living, providing them with the confidence they need to express their full potential.

Wave Electrode Black

Wave Electrodes

Surface EMG electrodes with a compact and IP67 waterproof design, available both in the 50 and 60 Hz models. With a thickness of just 8 mm, they’re among the thinnest analog active EMG electrodes available on the market.

ThunderCell Battery®

Our interchangeable lithium-ion battery features a 950 mAh capacity and it can be fully charged in just 1 hour through a USB-C connector. It features an IP67 design, a multi-function LED button and several smart functionalities which result in an improved reliability.

App MyoLogic e MyoLogic Pro

Fully exploit the Adam’s Hand® integrated AI via : 

Myo Unit

EMG signals plotting (bars, time plots)

Connects via Bluetooth to MyoLogic Pro

Compatible with all major EMG electrodes

Ensures one day of continuous functioning

Recharges through a USB-C connector

Demo Unit

Proportional open/close joystick to control 2 DoFs – Hand + wrist rotator (not included)

Compatible with standard Quick Disconnect Wrist

Features 2 analog and 2 digital EMG electrodes connectors

Includes ThunderCell Battery® receptacle

Includes a stand to operate it comfortably

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