“Da Vinci IoT” enterprises’ network: networking for the “Internet of Things”

Speaking about #people, faces and stories involved in our work, is a way to restate the importance of sharing and the support provided by orthopaedic clinics, users and stakeholders for the improvement of our business plan.

The work in a innovative startup is a great challenge. In fact, we work in a complex field, given its continued and rapid growth and the several opportunities offered by the market.

Also for this reason it is for us essential to be connected with similar entities, able to share our development’s vision and professional improvement.

This is the first reason why we decided to be member of “Da Vinci IoT” enterprises’ network.

Internet and technology: the  enterprises’ network

An enterprises’ network is a group of companies which provides services aimed to the improvement of business’ features, “contaminating” their own skills and creating a system to be more competitive for business.

Founded in June 2019, “Da Vinci IoT” enterprises’ network has the main aim to promote a partnership, in order to provide exclusive IoT solutions, with the aim of meeting the needs of enterprises, people and communities.

Involved in the project by Netra srl, with which we already had a partnership, we immediately shared the the idea of being part of a innovative network, by mean we can actively interact on issues of mutual interest, for the outcomes of ongoing researches, commercial information and possible similar products.

The members

In order to better understand the network’s advantages, it is important to detail the great variety of the services offered.

The skills involved in “Da Vinci IoT” enterprises’ network range from mechanics-robotics to electronics and telecommunications, and the companies work in very different but linked fields, such as health tech, security and innovative IoT technologies.

The companies are:

  • Neetra srl, specialized in Broadcasting system and ISM solutions
  • Nextome, leader in localization services and indoor positioning
  • PSE SRL, deals with telecommunication for industrial and professional uses
  • Sensor Id, works in the field of standard integration and implementation of wireless technology and it designs the topology of wireless net
  • Telsat Srl, for Station Engineering, Coverage Studies, Network Planning and Design services
  • C.V.S. S.r.l. specialized in Security, Safety, Technology & IoT
  • KB-NET, for open source solutions useful for the companies’ digital development.

BionIT Labs® in “Da Vinci IoT” team

With a view to a constant development, we have frequent meeting and exchanges with other members of the network, as happened recently.

On Friday, January 24, we met some members of the scientific committee, in order to describe in details the expertises of our company for future projects of research and development.

Although this is a new and challenging project, we have already received evident feedbacks from the opportunity of the network. We think that networking and the professionality of the companies involved are the keys for competitive perspectives, providing services to keep us up with modern challenges.

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