Introducing EB02: the new generation of ThunderCell Battery

The ThunderCell Battery EB02 is the new generation of Adam’s Hand power system, a smart and waterproof battery with a 950 mAh charge.

We would have liked to participate in CES 2022, the largest event in the world dedicated to consumer electronics, and on that occasion presenting the result of one of our projects: the new EB02 version of ThunderCell Battery.

Unfortunately, the new waves of Covid-19 and related variants did not allow our CEO Giovanni Zappatore and our Sales Manager Silvia Carrozzo to attend the fair in Las Vegas. In fact, considering the general uncertainty about the progress of the pandemic situation, we have unfortunately decided not to take part in the CES 2022 activities in presence, giving the highest priority to the safety and health of our team.

Despite this, the limitations haven’t stopped us, and we haven’t delayed the official presentation of the new generation of our ThunderCell battery, Adam’s Hand‘s power system that will soon hit the market.

ThunderCell Battery EB01: Adam’s Hand power system

ThunderCell Battery is an interchangeable lithium-ion power supply system with a capacity of 950 mAh and an output voltage of 7.4V. The first version of the device, EB01, already features fast charging technology via a USB-C connector: users can reach a full charge in about an hour, half the time required for equivalent systems.

A multi-function LED button enables visual and auditory feedback on the device state and the system is also fully waterproof (IP67).

The ThunderCell Battery can fit into many prosthetic systems available on the market, and it features smart functionalities that allows the battery to exchange information with the Adam’s Hand.

In this way, it can send relevant information such as the percentage of charge, the general health of the battery, the temperatures of the cells and much more to the device, obtaining greater reliability of the whole system.

We felt, however, that we could do more by optimizing these features of the ThunderCell Battery EB01, enhancing the system by improving the performance of the device. In fact, we wanted to bring to market a battery that could add new features to support users during training, normal operation of the device and its maintenance.

The new EB02 generation of ThunderCell Battery

We officially introduce the new generation of our ThunderCell battery: EB02!

The device has all the features of the first ThunderCell Battery EB01 model plus four new elements:

  • 950 mAh capacity
  • Fast-charge (charging time: 1 hr)
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Compact and waterproof design (IP67)
  • Smart functionalities
  • Multifunction LED button with visual and acoustic feedback
  • Remote firmware update via MyoLogic App (NEW!)
  • Integrated IMU for device control (NEW!)
  • Visual, acoustic and vibratory feedback (NEW!)
  • Power bank mode (NEW!)
  1. We’ve integrated a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, provided with 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. We’re able to use this data in order to guide the users in training exercises that consider not only their muscle contractions, but also their forearm position in space. In this way we want to improve the overall training results.
  2. ThunderCell Battery now will be able to provide the users with haptic feedback: this way, they can have strong vibratory feedback near their stump, that can be linked to several pieces of information: as an example, the residual charge in the battery, or the grip force performed by the hand. We’re then closing the control loop of the hand, thus improving the control capability of the user and enhancing the device embodiment.
  1. This new version of our supply system can also work as a power bank, so that if the battery of your phone runs out, you can connect it to our device and charge it without any problem!
  1. Finally, ThunderCell Battery now features the remote firmware update: you’ll not need to send back the battery to our manufacturing plant when it needs an update, but you’ll be able to update it in autonomy through our MyoLogic App.

Previews of MyoLogic and MyoLogic Pro

Another important result of our research and development is MyoLogic Pro, the app for the exclusive use of the orthopedic technicians, which allows them to configure the Adam’s Hand prostheses purchased, associate them with patients and manage their functionality and diagnostics, as we already told you in our tech article.

During the webinar we presented MyoLogic, our new iOS and Android application for users, which allows them to take full advantage of Adam’s Hand’s integrated artificial intelligence. The app will guide users through the learning process, thanks to a quick calibration procedure based on machine learning algorithms that will perfectly adapt the operation of the device to the muscle tone of each user.

But we will talk about this in depth in the next article of our blog!

Our products soon on the market

All our devices and our apps will be commercially available starting from May 2022, when they’ll be presented during OTWorld 2022, the most important European prosthetics and orthotics fair.

If you are a certified orthopedic technician or a user with a limb difference, or if you are passionate about technological innovation, contact us!: you can be one of the first to try our technology, receiving an exclusive demo before the official launch of our products!

To learn more about the features of our products, you can view all the brochures on our website:

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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