BionIT Labs is a startup which applies Information Technologies to Bionics in order to Turn disabilities into New Possibilities




Nowadays, people with disabilities are continually forced to adapt to an environment that has not been designed considering their needs, but rather following the wishes of the majority of the “able-bodied” population: the interfaces that allow a person with motor, visual, auditory or other impairments to relate in an immediate and effective way with their environment and with other individuals are generally few and not adequate.

In BionIT Labs, we don’t see disabilities as an absolute limit to people’s potential, but rather as an obstacle related to the inadequacy of the interfaces developed by mankind throughout history: it’s therefore our responsibility to breathe life into Innovative Technologies that can
Turn disabilities into New Possibilities.

Giovanni Zappatore
CEO&Founder of BionIT Labs

Adam's Hand​ on Mamacrowd!

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Adam’s Hand is a myoelectric hand prosthesis designed for people who lost their arm due to traumatic injuries or who born without their upper limb due to congenital deficiencies.

It is based on a patent-pending mechanism that allows to move all the fingers with just one motor, making them automatically adapt to the grasped object shape and dimension, thus resulting much easier-to use compared to commercially available competitors’ devices.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 886229