Prototipo di protesi d'arto Adam's Hand

Medical Devices Research & Development

It’s the main Company activity: we realize Medical, Electromedical, Prosthetic, Orthotic and Cosmetic Devices, driving the Customer through the definition of technical specifications all the way up to prototyping, certification and industrial production.

Occhio con Circuiti elettronici

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Using the latest machine learning techniques, we can develop hardware/software devices which use advanced self-learning algorithms for civil, industrial or medical applications.

Modello 3D di un Monumento

3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

BionIT Labs realizes 3D models of technical components and of objects related to the Media&Entertainment industry, which can be used to perform mechanical simulation, to realize immersive virtual realities or to virtualize exhibition products.

Analisi FEM di un portamozzo racing con ausilio di una griglia di elementi strutturata

Structural and Fluid Dynamic FEA

We can perform Finite Element Analysis aimed at structural verifications, such as morphological optimization and stiffness evaluation of mechanical components/systems, or fluid dynamic characterization of aerodynamic components and hydraulic/pneumatic pipes.

Pinza Meccanica Robotizzata esempio di Sistema integrato Hardware Software

Integrated Systems Development

We offer a full service of design, prototyping and engineering of solutions which offer a high level of electronics, mechanics and computer science integration for industrial, biomedical and automotive applications.

Particolare di un Circuito Prestampato

Printed Circuit Boards Design and Prototyping

BionIT Labs designs, realizes and tests multi-layer printed circuit boards for multi-purpose low-power and radiofrequency applications. The board are produced following the Customer specifications and always ensuring the functional and dimensional requirements.

Schermata di Codice di Programmazione

Software and Desktop/Mobile App Development

We realize desktop, web-based and mobile applications, managing the whole software life-cycle, thanks to a precise path which involves our Customer during all the application development phases: starting from the requirements definition and app design, up to the delivery of the required solution.

Aerofotogrammetria di un paesaggio

3D Scanning and Photogrammetry

We offer a 3D scanning service for components virtualization, reverse engineering and 3D printing. We also perform objects and environments photogrammetry, using cameras and drones, providing navigable 3D models, maps and GIS files, volumes, surfaces and distances measurements.

Particolare della lavorazione al Tornio a Controllo Numerico

CNC Machining

BionIT Labs can perform the CNC Machining of your components using a lathe and 4-axis milling machine on brass, aluminium, plastic or wood.

Particolare dell'estrusore di una Stampante 3D mentre stampa un oggetto

3D Printing

In addition to standard PLA and ABS we can 3D print your components using both high-precision SLA 3D printers and FDM 3D printers using advanced technopolymers, such as Roboze CarbonPa.

Schermata con Grafici Finanziari

Business and Financial Advice

We can provide a 360° business consulting on Fundraising strategies for Startup and Small/Medium Enterprises, drafting of pluriannual Financial Plans, implementation of management&control systems related to human and financial resources.

Teca Olografica che proietta un'immagina della Luna

Design of Desktop Holographic Systems

We realize tailor-made desktop Holographic Systems, with a 360° field-of-view. If you want to advertise your products in an innovative and interactive way and to make it stand out among the competition this is the best way to do it!