Happy B-Day BionIT Labs: three years of challenges at “the speed of light”

As in any respectable startup, a company’s rhythms are out of the ordinary, and even the Team grows at a trend that almost equals the speed of light!

Today BionIT Labs® turns 3: a new opportunity to look at the goals achieved and the growth of our Team.

A new point of view

It seems like a century ago, but only a year has passed since the last time we spoke about the growing process of our  company.

Often, during 2020, we have mentioned the tangible results achieved by our Team, but we have always given little space to the internal growth that has “invested” every single component of BionIT Labs®.

We made this choice to give us the time to think about how the growth of BionIT Labs® was reflecting on the evolution of the way of thinking and acting of every member of the Team, and we are now ready to guide you in the “backstage” of this particular year.

What has changed in a year?

2020 has been a very complex year for the whole world, as it was characterized by the well-known Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the emergency occured between February and March hadn’t any significant impact on the activities of BionIT Labs®, focused at that time almost exclusively on the engineering phase of the new version of Adam’s Hand®.

The exceptional situation and the restrictions imposed by the government have been faced by our Team thanks to the extreme flexibility put in place by collaborators and employees, along with their familiarity with smart-working. This high degree of resilience has allowed the company not to reduce the activities and not to consider social security cushions, while managing to develop new products from scratch, the Adam’s Hand® accessories.

Of course, the pandemic has led to an evolution of our thinking, acting, but above it improved the interaction between each other, giving rise to an even more determined, gutsy and competitive way to get things done.

A new home for our team

The first pandemic wave also coincided with the move to our new headquarters, when we became aware of the dimensions that the Adam’s Hand® project, our team and more generally our company had reached in the meantime.

The very need to set up the new spaces in the best possible way led us to reflect deeply on the importance we wanted to give to the various internal processes, which characterize development, prototyping, production, assembly and testing of complex devices such as Adam’s Hand® and its accessories.

The result of this process is a custom built headquarters where every member of our Team is proud to work.

Keyword: Quality

The structuring of internal processes has been the main theme around which BionIT Labs® has grown throughout 2020: with a team of 20 members and various development projects in the pipeline, already halfway through the year it has become increasingly pressing the need to structure meticulous – but flexible – processes that would allow us to identify with extreme accuracy the person in charge of each activity and to trace  reliably the progress of the project.

This activity considerably changed the way of thinking of all the members of our Team, giving rise to an almost “obsessive” attention to detail, which made possible, at the end of the year, the certification tests of Adam’s Hand® and its accessories – which they obtained the CE marking – and the achievement of the prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications. These recognitions certify the effectiveness and the efficiency of the company’s quality management system in designing and production of medical devices, and they confirm the growth of our Team.

A new horizon for Adam’s Hand®

With these certifications “in our hand” and the engineered product, at the end of the year we couldn’t wait to present the result of our work to the world.

The best occasion to do so? OTWorld 2020, the largest trade fair in the world in the field of prosthetics and orthotics.

On October 27, during a half-hour live workshop, we guided the curious into our world, discovering our technologies developed over the last year, achieving resounding success with the public: more than 200 spectators attended our presentation, then filling us with several questions.

The awareness of having an international audience so interested in our products has inflamed us, leading us in the following months to work with even more enthusiasm to feed the continuous requests for information that now we receive from Germany, France, Spain, United States: in fact, soon we are sending the first ThunderCell batteries to clinics and distributors who have shown a strong interest in all these Countries, with the aim of closing the first sales contacts.

A bridge round to close this year of results

For us, 2020 ended in the best possible way: our Team managed to gain the trust of CDP Venture Capital – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, which together with other private investors chose to support our project, investing in the form of financing by “converting” a total amount of € 401k, as part of the Seed per il Sud program.

This huge and rewarding result is a clear message for those who have believed and invested in our ambitious project from the beginning, and a source of pride for our Team hungry for results: this Bridge Round, which to date is financing the industrialization of Adam’s Hand® and its accessories, will take us towards a new Seed Round currently in progress, with the aim of supporting our expansion in the international market.

Stronger is the team, stronger is the project

For me the greatest result achieved is the creation of a Team of competent and passionate professionals, who remain incredibly motivated from the very first moment they join BionIT Labs®. The definition of common values, which unite us and are above the individual interests, makes everyone feel part of a “larger and more important content, which not only motivates, but above all it “inspires” every single individual to always give the best.

Our 3rd birthday is also a milestone for growth. This is why I want to dedicate this day to the Team, eagerly awaiting successes and challenges that still await us.

Happy birthday BionIT Labs®!

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