I am Paolo

Paolo is 28, he’s a farmer and he lives in Vernole, in Southern Italy, surrounded by a multitude of olive trees and unspoiled nature.

When we asked him to describe himself with three adjectives, he told us that he is a determined, rational and cheerful person. Paolo never gives up, he always tries to achieve his goals, to make his dreams come true and to face difficulties. Also, he always laughs and, in fact, during the interview it was always time for jokes and smiles.

He is a very dynamic person, he deals with his family farm and he has several passions and sports, which he practices since he was a child: table tennis at competitive level and chess, along with his love for the nature and the sea.

Paolo’s story

Paolo was born without his right forearm but the lack of the limb for him has never been such a complex problem to deal with.

He adapted himself, learning since he was a child to find an alternative solution to carry out most of the actions in his daily life.

A few months after his birth his parents chose for him an aesthetic prosthesis, which he uses today as a support in many situations.

Paolo is not afraid of carrying out complex activities, which require particular effort such as driving the tractor, hoeing the ground or playing football as goalkeeper.

It sounds strange when Paolo explained the difficulty of lacing his shoes with one hand.

He prefers not to ask for help, because his determination leads him to do everything autonomously,  even if it takes longer, and carrying out this small daily gesture is a challenge that he has managed to win. It was not easy, but with a little effort and a good idea Paolo found the best solution, using the prosthesis and reaching a higher autonomy.

What is Paolo looking for in a prosthesis?

We then asked him about his ideal prosthesis and what it should have.

He didn’t hide that a prosthesis with a good grip would be an excellent support in his everyday life and would speed up many movements.

Moreover, a resistant device, which is also easy to use, would be for Paolo essential, especially when it comes to work in the countryside.

Finally, he’s really interested in a robotic design, but he considers the presence of an aesthetic glove a good compromise in some particular situations.

As soon as we finish the interview Paolo took us for a ride with his tractor. We perceived how much he loves his work and his life, and while he was preparing us a coffee he told us about his dreams.

Keep reading our blog, we will tell you more about the prosthesis we are preparing for Paolo.

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