Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month 2023

From April 1st to 30th there are many initiatives aimed to promote the Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. We decided to participate telling you the stories, the dreams and the goals of our users.

We have already talked about this topic in the past, but this is always a great opportunity to highlight the necessities and opportunities of those who deal with interfaces that still don’t fully respond to their needs.

Our mission is strongly based on the great social impact that innovative technologies can have on people with limb difference. For this reason our daily work is mainly based on promotion, spreading knowledge and awareness to make the world as fair and inclusive as possible.

A step back…

Since the late 1980s the topic of limb loss and limb difference awareness has been worldwide addressed, thanks to the activism of different groups and professional associations which support people with amputations or agenesias, their families and health workers.

But only in 2010 the Amputee Coalition – the largest American non-profit trade organization in the United States – officially established National Limb Loss Awareness Month. This initiative is now celebrated around the world to promote awareness of the limb difference and related prevention.

The Occupational Therapy Month

There is more! In April it’s also celebrated in the USA the Occupational Therapy Month. This anniversary has been officially established in 1980 with the aim of spreading awareness of the importance of health care and the professionals of the industry of health and well-being of patients with amputation or limb difference, an essential support for those who need!

The importance of the Awareness on the topic

Talking about limb difference, something that might seem rather distant from someone’s daily reality, is absolutely important if we consider that, today, in the world, there are about 3 million people with limb difference. 

Someone could think that being interested in this topic – with the goal of improving the lives of these people – is a duty only for the population concerned.

In fact, we are all involved and, by raising awareness, we can ensure that individuals, influencers, organizations and legislators can achieve tangible goals, such as: improving access to essential health services, medical and prosthetic care and effective psychological support.

Every year, the Amputee Coalition organizes many initiatives, including training days in rehabilitation centers, clinics or community centers, to stimulate the interest and awareness of the “actors” involved at the forefront in the management of this characteristic.

Inspire to elevate

The Amputee Coalition’s initiative is ”Inspire to Elevate”: an encouragement for people with limb differences to elevate their voices, their experiences and to inspire their communities promoting a life to its full potential. This is why the hashtag chosen by the association is #WeTHRIVE. And we agree!

Our testimonials

In our work experience and constant interaction with people with limb differences, we have known some incredible stories.

Stories of courageous people, who didn’t let the unexpected get them down but faced the future with determination.

To get awareness you first need knowledge, for this reason we are going to tell you the stories of Salvatore and Philipp, their daily life and their dreams: we are sure that their story will be truly “inspiring to elevate”!

Find out more about the story of Salvatore

Find out more about the story of Philipp

If you also want to be an ambassador of this initiative, follow the instructions of  the Amputee Coalition website and follow the hashtag #WeTHRIVE or contact us at And if you’d like to know more and follow all the evolutions of technology and bionics applied to the prosthetic industry, follow us on our social networks to discover the stories and the goals of our users and of BionIT Labs!

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