MyoLogic Pro, the new BionIT Labs®’ app for the orthopaedic technician: part 1

In recent years the technological evolution in the medical field has allowed to enhance many technologies, facilitating the management of medical devices, and allowing customization and remote monitoring.

Thanks to the feedback collected from our network of partner clinics, and our intense R&D work, we have translated this innovation also into the prosthetic field, creating MyoLogic Pro, an app that meets the orthopedic technicians’ needs of clarity and ease of use, and that allows in a few simple steps to check in detail the operation of Adam’s Hand® and its accessories.

MyoLogic Pro is an intuitive and complete app, thanks to which the orthopedic technician can set up the purchased prostheses, associate them with the patients and manage their functionality and diagnostics.

In this video tutorial we explain how to take the first steps into the MyoLogic Pro, to get to know closely how the interaction between orthopedic technician, user and device is facilitated in a substantial way.

How does the MyoLogic Pro app work?

Registration of the orthopedic technician

After the first purchase made by the orthopedic clinic, BionIT Labs® creates a clinic account, and it associates the purchased devices.

BionIT Labs® sends by email to the clinic the link to download the App and user credentials to log in for the first time.

The technician downloads and installs the app and logs in with the credentials provided by email.

The control of devices, patients, settings

Once logged in, the technician can see the main screen of the app, which is divided into three main sections: “devices”, “patients” and “settings“.

1. In the first section, the technician has three main classes of devices available: “MyoUnit”, “Demo Hand” and “Adam’s Hand®”.

2. In the second section, the technician can create his own patient archive by clicking on the “+”, entering the patient’s data and selecting “Enter”.

3. In the third section, you can consult the product manuals and manage the main app settings, such as language and password changes.

Monitor the prostheses associated with the technician, associate them with a patient and connect

Let’s go back to the “Devices” section focusing on Adam’s Hand®. By entering the appropriate section, it is possible to observe the prostheses already purchased and associated with the orthopedic technician.

In order to connect the app to the prosthesis, you must:

turn on the device by clicking once on the button on the back – the LED on the button will flash green twice and you will hear a double “beep”.

• with the device switched on, activate the Bluetooth by clicking on the button twice – the LED on the button will flash blue twice and you will hear a double “beep”.

At this stage it is important to place the device close to the iPad, to ensure a stable and long-lasting Bluetooth connection.

At this point, the app will automatically recognize the device and clicking on the highlighted card the prosthesis detail screen will be open. To connect to the device, simply click on the “Connect” button.

Info on Adam’s Hand® and ThunderCell Battery® and EMG signal detection

Once connected, you have access to the main screen, which shows all the main information about the prosthesis in use and, if present, on the ThunderCell Battery® system used.

In the “EMG” screen, you can view the chart relating to the EMG signals detected by the EMG sensors installed in the socket, in three different ways: with linear, area and bar charts.

Additional features

In the next video we will guide you in the new calibration procedure and in the “Settings” section of the device, to illustrate how to exploit the potential of Adam’s Hand® and its accessories, and obtain an effective and pleasant user experience.

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