The wait is over: new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are ready!

Based on dynamism, team working and hospitality, which distinguish our company philosophy, the new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are finally ready! It is a great result that rewards the efforts made in these years and another important step that confirms us to be on the right way.

BionIT Labs® yesterday

It is not a secret that even the biggest program grows in small steps, and very often it is the will and the “hunger” to carry projects out, which makes them gradually more ambitious.

In a certain sense, it is what happened to us, that today we have managed to achieve this important result.

As we always say, BionIT Labs® has taken shape over time, a fairly short time, if we think that three years ago the team members could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

During this period our offices have changed and evolved as well as our needs. For this reason, from the CEO’s living room where the idea was born, we moved to the first real BionIT Labs® headquarters in the heart of Lecce.

That venue in its simplicity had the spaces we needed. We had a mechanical laboratory and a multifunctional room, it was so multifunctional that the work spaces inside became a dining table for our breaks, especially when the team members went from 10 to 18 in less than a year.

For this reason, in addition to a logistical need, the choice of a new office became a necessity, able to respond to the company’s development asset. There was a need for a dynamic space, open and able to better coordinate everyone’s work, with spaces dedicated to each individual sector.

Functional and comfortable: designing the new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters

Thanks also to the valuable contribution of investors and with the Mamacrowd crowdfunding campaign, we have succeeded in making this wish come true and today we have a 400 sq.m office, able to accommodate over 35 work spaces divided between technical, administrative, laboratories and common areas.

Once we identified the new location, we consider the adjustments to be done to ensure maximum corporate welfare, which is one of the priorities for BionIT Labs®.

In fact, we are confident that a good design of spaces affects the quality of life of employees, who must feel the office as their second home.

From the first moment it was intended to provide a functional and comfortable workspace, which would respond to the needs of all team members, being effectively connected with the nature of each person’s roles.

Consequently, in order to better customize the location, the entire team took part in the design phase, and biomedical, mechanical, electronic, IT engineers, Management, design, marketing and sales areas, contributed together to the definition of a new and functional environment.

The best structure for the workflow

Another of our priorities is to place the production phase, integrating it with the rest of the areas and organizing the spaces so that a consistent, fluid and complete workflow was guaranteed.

All this with the aim of speeding up the processes and making them more efficient, especially in view of the imminent start of Adam’s Hand® production.

In particular, the technical area has been divided into a production area, where our CNC machines and 3D printers are located, a large warehouse and an assembly and test area, where our engineers create Adam’s Hand®.

BionIT Labs® tomorrow

Even if it was postponed due to the limitations imposed by Covid-19, our transfer to the new headquarters in Soleto, in the province of Lecce, has finally been completed.

It is a public property recovered from a state of abandonment and inactivity, which we have decided to renovate and redevelop giving it new life.

The choice to maintain our Research&Development center in our area, although our international vocation, aims to enhance the resources of this part of the Country, speeding up its development.This is also why the new BionIT Labs® headquarters is a source of great satisfaction for us, as well as a tangible proof of our growth.

We really have what we need to feel at home!

Inside there are common areas, where different sectors can interact. We have a large meeting room, where we can easily carry out our meetings, or host shareholders and investors, and we have a relax room dedicated to our lunch and  breaks, where our own library will be soon set up, with the contribution of the employees.

In the future we intend to further expand our spaces, including those dedicated to free time activities, equipping the surrounding area with an outdoor relax area. At the center there is always the objective of guaranteeing corporate welfare policies, which should provide benefits and services for employees.

We are sure that the new office will allow us to optimize processes and face the future with even more enthusiasm.

However it seems incredible now to think about what we have managed to create in such a short time, and now that every corner of our office is just as we dreamt, all we need to do is to keep working with determination to prepare ourselves for the highly awaited market launch of Adam’s Hand®.

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