OTWORLD 2020: Introducing Adam’s Hand to the world of Prosthetics

The moment we’ve been waiting for a long time has finally arrived: on the occasion of the OTWorld 2020 on 27th October we’ll present to the world the results of our Research & Development work of the last year.

During this time, we’ve studied the market needs, the technical features of the Adam’s Hand, and we’ve perfected its design, in order to exploit the prosthesis at its full potential, offering user-focused solutions.

These studies allowed us to improve Adam’s Hand performance with the added value of the increase of the products’ range of BioniIT Labs.

The strong desire to learn more about society’s needs, and the will to be the actors in the future of the prosthetic industry, led us to the improvement of our skills, resulting in innovative, game-changing products.

What is OTWorld?

OTWorld is the sector largest and most important event in the world about Prosthetics and Orthotics. It’s held every two years in Leipzig, but, due to the Covid-19, it has been renamed OTWorld.connect and it will be held exceptionally online from 27 to 29 October, 2020.

Two years ago, during the last edition, the fair counted more than 570 exhibitors from 43 countries, 21.400 visitors, the 94% of which were professionals, and 2.500 congress delegates from 60 countries with 320 other experts from 30 countries.

BionIT Labs at OTWorld 2020

OTWorld.connect 2020 represents a great occasion for us, a launchpad through which we can collect contacts, learn more about the news of the market and, almost all, share with experts our latest progress and results.

During the fair there will be two important events for BionIT Labs.

The first one is our online showroom: the participants can visit it through the virtual room, which will be available online for 3 months. In the virtual room the visitors can explore by means of photos and videos, details and performances of our products, receiving information about their main technical features.

Another important event is the workshop entitled “Introducing Adam’s Hand: The World’s First Fully Adaptive Bionic Hand. Helded by our CEO Giovanni Zappatore, the workshop will allow us to explain in more detail the functionalities of our hand prosthesis, ensuring an interaction with participants by means of questions and comments.

There is more…

Keep following us this week! We’ll reveal the previews of BionIT Labs’ new products that will be launched at OTWorld together with Adam’s Hand.

This is a very important moment for our Team, because it represents the real first official step into the world of Prosthetics and Orthotics.

If you look forward to taste the innovation of our products, you can sign in now on our new landing page.

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Are you ready to join our Bionic Revolution?

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