Short Wrist for Adam’s Hand: Unrivaled Comfort and Seamless Design

In this article, we’ll explore the innovative features and benefits of the new Short Wrist for the Adam’s Hand – a groundbreaking product tailored for patients with wrist disarticulation. A solution that elevates adjustability, design and comfort to new heights for an unparalleled user experience

Adam’s Hand’s Short Wrist: new horizons for patient with wrist disarticulation 

People who have undergone upper limb amputation due to a traumatic event (about 75% of the adult population), a congenital deficiency or a disease ask for a lightweight, compact, and durable prosthesis capable of restoring lost functionalities, easy to learn and to use.

In addition, the installation of the prosthesis and training activities should be quick and easy to implement, in order to optimize the recovery period and enhance the patient’s rehabilitation procedure.

Today’s article wants to explore the main features of the Short Wrist for Adam’s Hand: a specific type of interface developed for individuals with wrist disarticulation who choose to use the Adam’s Hand.

This type of amputation results in the patient having a very long stump, often not allowing the use of a Quick Disconnect Wrist, as it would lead to a prosthetic limb longer than the contralateral one and then to higher discomfort.

The Short Wrist developed by BionIT Labs provides a solution for patients who want to use the Adam’s Hand, with the benefit of a light and compact design, that reduces stress on the patient’s residual limb, improving overall comfort

Let’s take a look at the Key Technical Features

Reduced Weight and Length

At the core of the BionIT Labs Short Wrist’s innovation is a remarkable 80 grams (0.18 lb) weight reduction and a 31 mm (1-¼”) decrease in length of the hand/socket assembly compared to the Quick Disconnect Wrist version.

These advancements enhance patient comfort and the overall aesthetics of the prosthesis.

Unrivaled Durability

Even if extremely light, our Short Wrist sets new standards for durability in prosthetics, with an enhanced static load resistance.

It can withstand a maximum flexion load of 70 lb (32kg) and a maximum torsional load of 84 lb (38 kg) at 75 mm (3”) from the wrist joint, ensuring a high reliability, which perfectly matches the Adam’s Hand durability and high static load resistance.

Seamless integration with the Socket

The Short Wrist seamlessly integrates with the socket, thanks to resistant Dyneema cables. Adding strength and durability, these cables blend flawlessly with the prosthetic socket during the lamination, ensuring a perfect aesthetics and eliminating potential weak points at the wrist connection to the socket

Smart fine-tuning

Adjustability is a hallmark of our Short Wrist’s design. In fact, its highly stable mechanism allows up to 12-step rotation of the hand even post-lamination.

This way, it’s possible to slightly adjust the connection angle of the hand to the socket, in order to increase the user’s comfort.

Moreover, this allows to laminate the outer socket without the need for a perfect alignment of the short wrist lamination ring with the socket – a process which tends to be longer and more subject to misalignment errors – since a small correction can always be applied later.

Water- and dust-proof design up to the socket

Thanks to the Adam’s Skin – the Adam’s Hand silicone glove – the Adam’s Hand retains its IP67 water- and dust-proof rate up to the socket even with the short wrist.

The Adam’s Skin and its features open up a world of possibilities, ensuring that the patient can embrace the water while maintaining the high functionality of the hand.

The result is a symbiotic relationship between the hand, its glove and the Short Wrist that enhances the bionic hand’s anthropomorphism while offering unrivaled protection and strength in all the daily activities carried out by the patient.

Just pure, durable, and precise control for everyday empowerment!

Adam’s Hand Short Wrist is more than a prosthesis support: it’s a reliable ally for those seeking a comfortable, lightweight, and highly functional solution post-wrist disarticulation.

With its innovative features tailored to ensure the best user experience, it addresses the specific needs of individuals who aspire to live a life at their full potential thanks to the freedom of movement guaranteed by the Adam’s Hand!

Discover now the seamless design and the unrivaled stability of the Short Wrist for Adam’s Hand: just a pure, durable, and reliable support for everyday empowerment! 

Contact us at info@biontilabs to find out more.

The product is a CE marked medical device/accessory (Class I, EU MDR 2017/745).
The following content is intended exclusively for the Operator/Clinician and does NOT replace the User Manual, where all warnings and tips for safe and compliant use of the product are provided. The user manual is provided together with the product.

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