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A highly anthropomorphic device which shows enhanced biomimetic performance and human-like grasping behavior.

Our interchangeable lithium-ion battery features a 950 mAh capacity and it can be fully charged in just 1 hour through a USB-C connector.


An internal lithium-ion battery system that can be easily fitted within the socket, providing better comfort for the end-user. With a nominal voltage of 7.4V and a capacity of 3,350 mAh, it ensures more than one day of usage with the Adam’s Hand. The charging process is very simple and user-friendly, thanks to its integrated magnetic and USB-C charging ports.

Wave Electrode

Surface EMG electrodes with a compact and IP67 waterproof design, available both in the 50 and 60 Hz models. With a thickness of just 8 mm, they are among the thinnest active analog electrodes on the market.

Our Remote Wave Electrode comes in 50 Hz and 60 Hz models. It features high-quality materials and an ergonomic design for optimized signal acquisition. With 10 mm diameter electrode domes, it ensures better contact with the residual limb, simplified installation into the socket, and quick and easy maintenance and cleaning.

The Demo Unit is a demonstration unit used to test the Adam’s Hand without the need for a socket.

The Myo Unit can be used to display the end-user’s EMG signals on the go.


The Adam’s Hand is at its maximum performance when used with BionIT Labs accessories but it is compatible also with third-party supply and control systems.

Quick Disconnect Wrist

The Adam’s Hand comes with an integrated six-band Quick Disconnect Wrist (QDW). QDW is an industry-standard wrist and it is used by all major bionic hands. Both the four- and the six-pin contacts QDW can be incorporated in your prosthetic socket. The six-pin variant allows to exploit the advanced functionalities of our devices, such as the direct communication between the Adam’s Hand and the ThunderCell Battery: in this way, the end-user can visualize battery status information through the MyoLogic App.

Alternatively, Adam’s Hand has been developed to also be compatible with sockets that use different QDW lamination kits, such us:

– Quick Disconnect Wrist Unit (4 or 6 bands), part n. QDAWA-45

– Ottobock style Coaxial Plug (4 bands), product n. 1701009
– Endcap, part n. 3010758
– Lamination Collar for MC Wrist, product n. 1100288

– Coaxial plug (4 bands), part n. 9E169
– Coupling piece, part n. 10S4
– Lamination Ring, part n. 10S1

– 4-way coaxial plug, part n. PL091036
– Coupling piece, part n. PL091032
– Lamination Ring, part n. 091037


The Adam’s Hand is optimized to be powered by our USB-C rechargeable ThunderCell Battery, which comes with 7.4 V output voltage and a capacity of 950 mAh. It allows the end-user to receive important information about the battery status, like the battery percentage, the instant cells temperature, the overall battery health and any operating problems.

Adam’s Hand has been developed in order to be powered also by several battery systems*, which guarantee a power supply between 6 and 8.4 Volt, such as:

– Lithium Polymer battery, BLPA72
– S-Charge System, SC2200

– EnergyPack, 757B20, 757B21
– MyoEnergy Integral, 757B35=0, =1, =3, =5

– Replaceable Battery Assembly Kit, PL238149
– Internal Batteries, PL000335, PL000336
– Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery, 000172B

– FlexCell, 2017200
– FlexCell Mini, 2037200

*without the smart functionalities of the ThunderCell Battery.


Adam’s Hand is controlled by the contraction of the end-user’s muscles, thanks to surface EMG electrodes or equivalent sensors. In particular, it is optimized to work with our Wave Electrodes. These electrodes have been designed for accurate reading and processing of the end-user’s electromyographic signals and to be integrated perfectly into the socket.

Adam’s Hand has been developed in order to receive input from several active electrodes with a maximum signal output of 5 V, such as:

– ELEC50, ELEC60

– MyoBock Electrode, 13E200=50, =60
– Suction Socket Electrode, 13E202=50, =60

– Compact Electrode Kit, PL091050, PL091060

 – Coapt Gen2® Complete Control®*

*Compatibility with this item is not fully covered: at the moment only the analog communication its guaranteed

Active Wrist Rotator

Adam’s Hand can be used with active wrist rotators which allow pronosupination movements of the hand. These devices are particularly useful in cases of bilateral amputation.

The rotators currently compatible with the Adam's Hand are:

– Electric Wrist Rotator – 10S17
– Electric Wrist Rotator – 10S17 + MyoRotronic – 13E205

– MC Standard Wrist Rotator – 5010045, 5010054, 5010055
– MC Standard Wrist Rotator – 5010045, 5010054, 5010055 + Six Band Coaxial Plug – 3010869

Myoelectric Elbows

In case of transhumeral amputation, Adam’s Hand can be used with myoelectric elbows: in this case the high easy of use of our device makes the user experience with additional modules immediate and intuitive.

The myoelectric elbows currently compatible with the Adam's Hand are:

– Espire Elbow Pro, EEP-XXX

– DynamicArm* – 12K100N

*Compatibility with this item is not fully covered:
Adam’s Hand proportional control is not avalaible when used with this device

– Utah Arm 3+ – 5010039 

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The Adam’s Hand is a myoelectric poli-articulated prosthesis. It is controlled by the EMG signals generated from the end-user’s muscle contraction. These signals are detected through the surface EMG electrodes embedded in the prosthetic socket and then processed by the Adam’s Hand. In this way, the end-user can easily open or close the Adam’s Hand through the flexion or extension of specific muscles.

The current model of the Adam’s Hand is available in one size: Medium (7-¾”). The Large (8-¼”) and Small (7-¼”) sizes are currently under development. Stay tuned for the other models!

Adam’s Hand adapts to end-users with wrist disarticulation and above, possibly using compatible third-party elbows. A version for partial hand amputation is not currently available. Keep following our work! Our team is constantly working to develop innovative features and new products.

The Adam’s Hand can be used for non-heavy work activities and sports where strong mechanical stress or physical contact with other people are not involved. In general, any situation of potential danger or damage must be avoided.

Adam’s Hand features a totally water- and dust- proof (IP67) design up to the socket. This is obtained through Adam’s Skin, a medical-grade silicone glove, which is also reinforced with textile fibers, making it really resistant to wear and tear. Thanks to these features, end-users can then carry out activities like walking in the rain, washing the dishes or washing both hands together without worrying about damaging the device.

Adam’s Hand has been certified with its glove (Adam’s Skin), so it must always be used. The warranty on the Adam’s Hand is void if the prosthesis is used without the glove. The Adam’s Skin is available in 3 different models: Basic (1 colour), Advanced (3 colours), Individual (5 colours), between white, black and up to 24 different skin tones.

We’ve developed ThunderCell Battery to ensure the highest performance of your Adam’s Hand. This allows the use of the prosthesis for a complete working day. Moreover, Adam’s Hand can be used with other compatible batteries: in this case the day life depends on the specific type of battery. Visit the Support page to get more information

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The following contents are intended exclusively for the Operator/Clinician and do not replace the Use, Installation and Maintenance Manual of the products described on this page.

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