Testing phase for the Telemachus project: new tools to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic

Some time ago we told you about Telemachus (TELEmedicine Monitoring And Collaborative HUb-and-spoke System), the project started to develop new telemedicine tools through a unique proposal in the European panorama: a system that intends to remotely monitor the health of patients and healthcare workers, consisting of a smart bracelet, an app and an advanced control dashboard. The need for an integrated […]

World Health Day 2020 and Covid-19 emergency: the challenges for the world of innovation

Every April 7 the World Health Day occurs and for this occasion the World Health Organization (WHO) plans some international initiatives, proposing measures and interventions for strengthening the health system and raising awareness among citizens. Historical Background World Health Day has been celebrated for over 70 years on April 7, the date on which the […]

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