Adam’s Hand control via MyoLogic app: the new BionIT Labs user’s interface

MyoLogic is an intuitive and complete app that allows the users to calibrate Adam’s Hand in a few seconds, to train them for the use of the device, and to consult relevant information about the device, such as quick start guides and manuals of the Adam’s Hand and its accessories. VIDEO What is MyoLogic app? […]

MyoLogic Pro, the new BionIT Labs’ app for the orthopaedic technician: part 1

In recent years the technological evolution in the medical field has allowed to enhance many technologies, facilitating the management of medical devices, and allowing customization and remote monitoring. Thanks to the feedback collected from our network of partner clinics, and our intense R&D work, we have translated this innovation also into the prosthetic field, creating […]

Adam’s Hand: the new design of The World First Fully-Adaptive Bionic Hand

On the occasion of OTWorld 2020, the largest trade fair dedicated to prosthetics, we officially presented the new version of Adam’s Hand, the World First Fully-Adaptive Bionic Hand together with its accessories: ThunderCell Battery power system, EMG Wave Electrodes, MyoUnit , DemoUnit and MyoLogic App. Adam’s Hand is a myoelectric prosthetic hand that uses a […]

I am Paolo

Paolo is 28, he’s a farmer and he lives in Vernole, in Southern Italy, surrounded by a multitude of olive trees and unspoiled nature. When we asked him to describe himself with three adjectives, he told us that he is a determined, rational and cheerful person. Paolo never gives up, he always tries to achieve […]