BionIT Labs takes the stage at OTWorld 2024 with Adam’s Hand!

We’re thrilled to be back at OTWorld, the world’s largest prosthetics trade fair! This biennial event in Leipzig is a must-attend for everyone in our industry. OTWorld is not just a showcase for the latest advancements in prosthetics, but also a hub for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discover new technologies, and build valuable collaborations. Here […]

ThunderCell Battery – Quick Start Guide

ThunderCell Battery is an interchangeable lithium-ion battery developed for the use of the Adam’s Hand with an output voltage of 7.4 V and a capacity of 950 mAh. Package content The ThunderCell Battery bundle includes: one Quality Control Document, one Warranty Card, two Quick Start Guides and two Cards with QR Code, which allow access […]

Demo Unit – Quick Start Guide

The Demo Unit is a demonstration unit that can be used to illustrate the functionality of Adam’s Hand® without the need of a socket, and is compatible with all major analog EMG terminal devices and electrodes available on the market. Package content The Demo Unit package includes a quality control document, the device’s Quick Start […]

AI on Adam’s Hand: how does it work?

Adam’s Hand® is the World’s First Fully-Adaptive Bionic Hand, that is able to automatically adapt to grasped objects’ shape and size, with no need to select any pre-set grip pattern, as it happens in the case of all of our competitors’ devices. In the heart of Adam’s Hand® there is an algorithm, based on machine […]

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