Four years of BionIT Labs®: what we have learned

On the occasion of the fourth birthday of BionIT Labs®, it is a great pleasure for me to share what our team has learned on their skin in these few years, hoping that our story will help those who fight every day to carry on their vision. A company can be considered a “living being” […]

Sport and disability: the experience of the Southern Italy amputee football team

In this article we tell you more about an extraordinary day we spent with the amputee football team of ASD Fabrizio Miccoli. They are those days that can’t be forgotten because they instill determination, courage and the desire to do our best. We took the opportunity of the Open Day, organized for the recruitment of […]

The wait is over: new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are ready!

Based on dynamism, team working and hospitality, which distinguish our company philosophy, the new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are finally ready! It is a great result that rewards the efforts made in these years and another important step that confirms us to be on the right way. BionIT Labs® yesterday It is not a secret that […]

Shaping the team: the new organizational chart of BionIT Labs®

A brilliant idea doesn’t necessarily mean success and money. It would be great if a simple inspiration were enough to carry out ambitious business projects. Many companies invest in new projects, as we began to do only 3 years ago, starting from a blank sheet, all to be filled. There are always many opportunities, perspectives, […]