The wait is over: new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are ready!

Based on dynamism, team working and hospitality, which distinguish our company philosophy, the new BionIT Labs®’ headquarters are finally ready! It is a great result that rewards the efforts made in these years and another important step that confirms us to be on the right way. BionIT Labs® yesterday It is not a secret that […]

Shaping the team: the new organizational chart of BionIT Labs®

A brilliant idea doesn’t necessarily mean success and money. It would be great if a simple inspiration were enough to carry out ambitious business projects. Many companies invest in new projects, as we began to do only 3 years ago, starting from a blank sheet, all to be filled. There are always many opportunities, perspectives, […]

Happy 2nd Birthday BionIT Labs®!

Today we turn two years old: we want to stop just a moment and tell you more about the enthusiasm, the thirst for innovation, the commitment and the results that lead us to be what we are today. Start-up life and the concept of time One of the probably most distinctive aspects of a life […]

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