Testing phase for the Telemachus project: new tools to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic

Some time ago we told you about Telemachus (TELEmedicine Monitoring And Collaborative HUb-and-spoke System), the project started to develop new telemedicine tools through a unique proposal in the European panorama: a system that intends to remotely monitor the health of patients and healthcare workers, consisting of a smart bracelet, an app and an advanced control dashboard. The need for an integrated […]

Telemachus: a smart bracelet and an App to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

On the occasion of the World Innovation Day we had already discussed how, during the most difficult phases of the spread of Covid-19, the world of technology had immediately decided to match healthcare needs with immediate high-tech solutions. Different realities are continuing to work in this direction, making their skills available, and we also believe […]

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