ThunderCell Battery – Quick Start Guide

ThunderCell Battery is an interchangeable lithium-ion battery developed for the use of the Adam’s Hand with an output voltage of 7.4 V and a capacity of 950 mAh.

Package content

The ThunderCell Battery bundle includes: one Quality Control Document, one Warranty Card, two Quick Start Guides and two Cards with QR Code, which allow access to the “Use, Installation and Maintenance Manual ” and all the documentation in digital format. The package includes two ThunderCell Battery and a printed version of the manual can be found in the package, too. 

The bundle also includes the ThunderCell battery receptacle and cable, lamination kit, Wall Charger and Car Charger.

ThunderCell Battery features

The ThunderCell Battery fully recharges in about 1 hour via a USB-C connector.

It features an IP67 water- and dustproof design, a multifunction LED button and a range of smart features, among which digital communication with the Adam’s Hand and haptic feedback capability.

This way, the patients receive a vibratory feedback near their stumps that can be linked to several pieces of information, such as the residual charge in the battery, or the grip force performed by the hand.

The battery is available in 3 different colours: beige, black and white.

Turning the device on/off

To turn on and off the device, long click on the battery button. The power-on is indicated by a double blink of the green light of the battery LED. The power-off, instead, is indicated by the steady red light of the battery LED.

If you turn on the ThunderCell Battery when outside the receptacle, it can work as a power bank: just connect the cable to the battery, turn it on and finally connect the cable to your phone.

Instead, if you turn on the battery when inside the receptacle, it turns ON the prosthesis.

Before doing so, assemble the receptable cable to the receptable, and connect the receptacle cable to the 6-band coaxial plug: the red and brown cable (Power) to connector “1” and the orange and yellow cable (Data Communication) to connector “A”. In the case of 4-band coaxial plug connect only the Power cable.

To insert the battery into its receptacle, place the electrical contacts attached to the receptacle terminals.  At this point, apply a little pressure on the opposite side of the ThunderCell Battery, until a snap indicates the right fitting of the battery in the receptacle.

You can now turn the battery on.

Thanks to the digital communication with the Adam’s Hand, once connected to MyoLogic or MyoLogic Pro apps, ThunderCell Battery can show information such as the battery percentage, the overall health battery state, the cells temperatures and much more, increasing the reliability and the performance of the entire system.

While connected to our app, you can turn on or off the visual, vibratory or acoustic feedback of the battery.

Moreover, the system firmware can be updated remotely: this way you will always have the most updated version of the battery at your fingertip.

To remove the ThunderCell Battery from the receptacle, simply turn off the battery and press the receptacle lever.

Checking the battery residual charge

With a short click on the battery button, you can check its residual charge level:

  • when the LED is green, the residual charge is between 100% and 60%;
  • when it is yellow it’s between 60% and 20%;
  • when it is red it’s between 20% and 5%;

When it flashes red you are between 5% and 0%, but even if the battery reaches 0% and the prosthesis turns OFF automatically, the patient can always turn it back ON for an overall time of 30 seconds and get the hand in the open position.

Checking the battery health state

It is possible to check the battery’s health state at any time, whether it is turned on or off – even when it is not installed in the receptacle. By clicking the battery button three times, it will give 3 vibratory feedback and the LED will blink with different colors:

  • green, to indicate an excellent health status – residual capacity higher than 85%;
  • yellow, to indicate a good health status – residual capacity between 75% and 85%;
  • red, to indicate a poor health status – residual capacity lower than 75%, indicating that the battery must be replaced;

Charging the battery

To recharge the battery, you simply have to connect it to the Wall Charger or to the Car Charger provided with the Battery Pack.

While charging, the battery LED blinks with the color corresponding to the residual charge level:

  • solid green: 100%;
  • flashing green: between 60 and 99%;
  • flashing yellow: between 20 and 60%;
  • flashing red: below 20%.

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The product is a CE marked medical device/accessory (Class I, EU MDR 2017/745).
The following content is intended exclusively for the Operator/Clinician and does NOT replace the User Manual, where all warnings and tips for safe and compliant use of the product are provided. The user manual is provided together with the product.


The following contents are intended exclusively for the Operator/Clinician and do not replace the Use, Installation and Maintenance Manual of the products described on this page.

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