Adam’s Hand at U.Mano exhibition in a dialogue between art and science

Between the several event which we took part in 2019, we forgot to mention our involvement in “U.Mano – la mostra: arte e scienza: antica misura, nuova civiltà” organized by Fondazione Golinelli and taking place in Bologna from last November, 20 to April, 9 2020.

BionIT Labs® e G-Factor: the partnership

Before any description about the purposes and the main features of this exhibition, it is important to detailed our participation in this event, and the reason why we believe significant our involvement in the event.

December 12, 2020 – InvestorDay at Fondazione Golinelli

One of the investors who have always believed in Adam’s Hand® project, is G-Factor, without any doubt, the enterprise acceleration of the foundation, which has become BionIT Labs®’ business partner.

The main goal of this accelerator is to transform the innovative potentiality of young startups into business, in order to perform successfully on the market.

Our work received their investment and support, and we could not miss the exhibition curated by Andrea Zanotti along with Silvia Evangelisti, Carlo Fiorini, Stefano Zuffi, participating in U.Mano, where art and technology get mixed up.

Let’s learn more about U.Mano!

U.Mano – the exhibition by Fondazione Golinelli

Maybe you may be wondering why is there an adaptive prosthetic hand at an art exhibition? We can’t blame you!

In fact, Fondazione Golinelli intends to explain the link between thoughts and actions, referring to the interaction between brain and the rest of the body. The protagonist is the hand, analysed by different perspectives, and it aims at declare the strong connection between art and science.

Michelangelo Pistoletto – “conTatto”, 2017
Screen printing on mirror polished stainless steel, glass, marble

This is the link which involves our project, considering the innovative features which make Adam’s Hand® the first hand prosthesis of its kind.

The engaging mix of innovation and art has been made possible thanks to ancient masterpieces such as:

  • Caravaggio – “La Madonna con il Bambino”
  • Pistoletto – “ConTatto”
  • Carracci – “La Madonna con il Bambino”
  • Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) – “San Giovanni Battista”
att. Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) – “Madonna col Bambino”1605c.a.
oil on canvas, private collection

U.Mano and Adam’s Hand data collection

These are equipped of tools “of the future” and technology, like augmented reality or applied robotics, by mean of interactive stations, which involved the visitors in an (inter)action experience.

This event it is not only an opportunity for visibility and for the promotion of our device, but it is a more important occasion, the first real test.

In fact, for the first time, visitors may interact directly with Adam’s Hand®, the world’s first fully-adaptive bionic hand, thanks to two electromyographic sensors applied on the device.

Website section about U.Mano real-time data

In this way we can gather and elaborate data for the improvement of the control algorithm. Also, we provided our website with these information.

Finally, for sure we couldn’t miss this occasion for Adam’s Hand® and for BionIT Labs®. We consider it as a way to increase visitors’ interested in bionic world, exhibiting man interaction with a world every day dominated by technology, and discovering how machine tools can become human (U.Mano).

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