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You will find here news, details, stories about innovation, technology robotics and people.

Teamwork, our commitment and the capabilities built with studies and fieldwork are our strength. Thanks to all this we have grown day by day, achieving increasingly significant results.

With Adam’s Hand®, the first device we are developing in our laboratories, we combine bionics with IT, pursuing the aim of “Turning disabilities into new possibilities”.

We want to share with you the dedication and the passion for our work, in order to be increasingly competitive.

For this reason the blog will tell you more about BionIT Labs®’ #news, the partnerships, the awards and our future challenges. Read here the first article of this category!

You will discover more about #tech, with our opinions on latest tech and innovation news, describing in more details the tools used for Adam’s Hand®’s design and engineering. Read here the first article of this category!

In #people category there will be stories from the world where we work. We will talk with orthopaedic clinics, we will listen to the stories of prosthesis’ users and their daily life, we will learn more about the challenges of the several association active in the field, and more. Read here the first article of this category!

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the articles of BionIT Labs® blog and join our bionic revolution!

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